Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a mosaic?
It is a big picture of your choice composed of small pictures.
2. How many pictures I can put in the Mosaic Design?
Maximum 120 pictures.
3. Who works on the design a male or female?
There are male assistants so we don`t accept without Hijab pictures for people who wear Hijab.
4. How many days it takes?
For Mosaic Design it takes around 3-5 working days and for Arabic Calligraphy Design it takes 7-10 days.
5. For Arabic Calligraphy Designs Can we see a sample before its printed?
Of course we will show you a sample draft and there will be changes according to your preferences.
6. When is the time of delivery?
We will contact you one day before to check the suitable time for you.
7. Do you ship worldwide or to GCC?
We only deliver to Kuwait at the moment.

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